Bill O'Friel: guitars, vocals


It was the summer of `82, and Bill sat on the hood of his 1970 baby blue Buick Skylark, strumming a guitar like there was no tomorrow, his blonde mullet blowing in the wind, Zeppelin cranked on the stereo. At that exact moment, he realized music was in his soul. Bill was 16 and somehow knew that that what he was hearing would affect him forever. Music was an escape, and he listened to some of the greatest guitarists of our time. Guys like Gilmore, Jimi, Stevie Ray and Page made him realize that there was more to life than conforming to the norm, more to life than growing old while listening to Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. As for now, Bill doesn’t plan on getting old, and he can’t wait to hear what’s next…




Mike Berndt: drums, guitars, vocals, percussion, synth


Mike began playing the drums at an early age, fascinated by the heavy rhythm and backbone of the kit. Learning to play by listening to ’80’s rock bands through headphones in his folks’ basement, he learned about time, and keeping the beat. Studying different types of music throughout the years, Mike has used many numerous influences to shape the way he plays, and what setups he uses to do so. Learning the recording process through work on 2 albums with the boys, he hopes to open a studio at some point, but just enjoys being able to play music, on any level.









Skip "The Reverend" Sinanian: vocals, percussion


As with most great things in life, Skip (aka Stephen Sinanian, Captain, the Rev) started the band on a whim and let it roll from there. Tapping into the resources around him, he gathered-up a bunch of beer, added Bill, Todd and Mike and started up the wasted adventure known as Alcoholocaust. An elementary school drummer, he had only the ambition to play cadences after the high school football games with the marching band drum corp. His geekiness slowly wore off like a hangover, and Skip dove into different endeavors, including a career of owning bars. After moving to NC, he and his hot wife opened Boone Saloon. The allure of the stage at the Saloon drew him in like a drunk to a neon sign, and the rest is history.





Todd Tabor: bass, vocals, guitars, synth


Todd grew up rockin’ out to ’80’s rock, and started playing bass when all his friends made him realize how bad he sucked at the guitar. Fifty dollars and a McCullough weedeater got him his first bass guitar, and the rest is history. Playing with various bands for the past 20 years, Todd finally is in the vulgar drunk bar band that he always dreamed he’d be a part of.









The band uses: Fender | Paul Reed Smith | Ibanez | Peavey | Taye | Vic Firth
Korg | Gibraltar | Shure | Audio-Technica | Audix | AKG